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The organisation focusses on developing projects and commissions for and with artists prodominently but not exclusively outwith the gallery space. THEC E N T R E¹s ambition is to break new ground for the role of artists within a public, social and cultural context.

THEC E N T R E works with both public and private sector to nurture research and commissioning opportunities for artists within a broad spectrum of subject areas, this may involve other areas of the cultural industries such as collaboration with, film and new media, architecture and landscape design and industry, also within schools and more academic contexts such as universities and research centres.

Staff at THEC E N T R E have worked with the Royston Road Project for almost three years to develop the overall programme and project, in particular the arts commissioning for the Royston Road Parks Project. The ambitious artists commissions have been achieved through a dynamic and productive relationship that the company has had with the board of the Royston Road Project. The success of the processes and outcomes of this series of works owes a great deal to the good working relationship that we, and the artists have been fortunate to have had with the client and the many other organisations and people involved.

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Lucy Byatt
The Centre
Suite 4b
73 Robertson Street
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