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The Team and Partners

Over the years since then, hundreds of local people have been involved as well as
scores of community groups and individuals. Royston Road Project (in partnership withFablevision) has raised £1.5million pounds of Scottish Arts Council, Lottery Community Fund, Local Authority, European Regional Development and Trust fund money to create, manage and deliver their project.

The Royston Road Project Board of directors has worked with artists (commissioned byThe Centre), architects and arts led community development professionals; has brought together Education, Social Work, Housing Associations, the City Council (Land Services, Regeneration Unit, Culture and Leisure Services) Churches, The Police, Community Councils, Youth Groups, Glasgow Building Preservation Trust, the Spire and Park Project and the Rosemount Trust as well as an extensive Wise Group training for work programme.

It is now accepted that arts projects have a major role to play in the social and economic regeneration of an area - particularly when linked to housing renewal, the development of public space and consultative community development. Royston Road Project is an excellent example of using joined up thinking to tackle social problems.

Finally, it is part of the strategic plan of Royston Road Ltd that the community parks project is not a one off. Rather, Royston Road Project will continue in the future to act as a vehicle for generating of arts and environmental projects for the whole area - raising the profile of the Royston Corridor and increasing the capacity of the community to achieve direct, powerful, regenerative results.



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