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Naming The Rose

Artist Graham Fagen has been working on the design team for the two Parks for over two years. He has worked closely with the architects for the project, Loci Design, and has, over the period of his involvement with the project, negotiated two major projects, through a consulatative process with local people.


Monograph on the work of Graham Fagen including 'Royston Road Trees & Where The Heart Is' and a text by Lucy Byatt.

98 pages, full colour
Designed by Chris Evans
Published by Grizedale Books
ISBN: 0-9542577-5-8

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Where The Heart Is

As part of his commission Fagen has purchased a new rose. Developed by Cockers Nursery in Aberdeen, the rose , originally known only by a code, JC30518/A, has been named through a consultative process across the entire area of Royston, Germiston, Blackhill and Provanmill. A pupil from St Roch's Primary School in Royston selected the winning name.

The rose will go on sale nationally and internationally from November 2002 representing the aspirations of the area.

Both parks will be planted with the rose, and all those people who have been involved with the naming and other aspects of the project will have a rose delivered to them for the next planting season. By summer 2003 the whole of the north east of Glasgow will be dotted with this dark pink, highly scented hybrid T rose.

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