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Molendinar Park

Standing at the Molendinar Park looking West the Spire is clearly visible
against the sky line. The Molendinar Park takes its name from the burn that
runs through it. This historic waterway runs under the Cathedral and is
culverted through most of the city until it hits the Clyde. This is where St
Mungo and St Columba were supposed to have walked and made the decision to
build a great city 'on the banks of the Molendinar'. This is the only site
in the city where the burn is celebrated so visibly, and with such good new
useful design. The pond that once was there has been replaced by a zig
zagging thread of water that splashes in to the site from a natural
waterfall. The hard landscaping allows for the rigorous treatment that it
is bound to get, yet there is much grass and soft landscaping.

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